Easi-Payment Plan: Installment Payment Plan | UOB Malaysia – For all that your heart desires. Convert your UOB Card Purchases into easy monthly instalments and enjoy upfront interest as low as 2.99%. You can even bundle up more than one purchases and convert them to UOB Easi-Payment Plan!

Get instant access to cash with UOB Cashplus. With the flexibility to choose from 3 specially customized packages, there is something to fit your needs whether it’s for that short term obligation or the major milestone in your life. Here’s what you can expect based on a S$10,000 loan:

If the date of approval of the UOB Personal Loan and the date of your Credit Card/CashPlus Statement is less than 30/31 days, the interest payable of your 1st UOB Personal Loan instalment will be pro-rated on a 365 days basis or 366 days basis in a leap year. Apply Now. Eligibility.

UOB Personal Loan comes with low interest rates, flexible tenures and loan amounts up to RM100,000. Learn more about our loan details & interest rate now!

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